Messages That Engage

Delivering Value through Content that Inspires | taught by Brian Sooy

Course description

In this free webinar on demand, learn what life would be like if your audience's inbox were full of messages that actually made their day better. Now imagine the results of providing such valuable content to your audience as a regular part of your communications strategy.

Brian Sooy and Kim Jamerson of SharpSpring (an Aespire Alliance partner) demonstrate how to deliver meaningful content that provides value and powerful motivation—and empowers you to engage your audience as participants in your story (and at the same time nurture relationships).

We'll discuss:

  1. Define your audience and create key relationships.
  2. Focus on the wants, needs and objectives of your audience.
  3. Devise a goal-oriented content marketing strategy.
  4. Share content that provides value and positions you as a thought leader.

Length: One Hour

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Brian Sooy
Brian Sooy
Principal and Design Director at Aespire

Hi, I'm Brian Sooy, the founder and design director of Aespire, a design and cause communications agency that empowers mission-driven leaders and organizations to engage their audiences, lead by design, and create a culture of communication.

More than a consultant, I serve on the board of a national nonprofit, and for over 30 years I've served as a director, an advisor to executive leadership, and a personal philanthropist to charities and meaningful causes.

I'm the author of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, a top-rated nonprofit branding book that explores how purpose, character, and culture empower organizations to create narrative design and communicate mission, vision and values. Connect with me on Twitter at @briansooy or on LinkedIn.

I practice the principles that you'll find in these courses and online editions, and help organizations just like yours to apply them every day.