Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto

Enhanced Audio and Print Online Edition | taught by Brian Sooy

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Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto is a guide to nonprofit branding, communications strategy, and cause clarity for leaders of mission-driven organizations who desire to align their communications through strategy, design, and purpose. Raise Your Voice is a framework for understanding how your organization’s identity represents your cause, and moves your organization beyond branding.

This is not a typical course. It is an online book edition with supplemental features and content you don't get with the soft cover edition. You'll have direct access to the resources and sites referenced in the print edition.

This Amazon top-rated nonprofit branding book will empower you to design a culture of communications. Originally published in softcover and ebook formats, the Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto online edition includes:

  • The full text of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, with supplemental links and video,
  • A single-user PDF edition of the print edition,
  • Audio executive summaries of each chapter,
  • An 11x17" Cause Manifesto poster.

The principles of The Cause Manifesto will help you lead your organization through four dimensions of culture and communications. Purpose-focused, inspirational, relational, and visionary culture principles will empower you and developing leaders around you to communicate with clarity, transform your culture, and through strategic brand storytelling advance your mission more powerfully and effectively.

Subscribers will have access to the Raise your Voice resources, including any new resources published within this course.

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  • “As a development professional, I am always looking to learn about industry trends, cutting edge ideas, ways to do my job better and frankly, ways to be inspired, renewed and motivated. Brian Sooy's book, Raise Your Voice A Cause Manifesto, is truly a book that offered a clear, concise guide to communicating my organization's values through the twelve principles.
  • Non-profits are frequently so focused on "this is how we've always done it" or "this is how ALL non-profits like us do it" that they become mired in their own language and processes. Raise Your Voice will help any organization figure out what their mission REALLY is and help them articulate it clearly and use it to make every decision and to shape every communication.
  • As a church leader learning how to effectively communicate your mission is essential. Raise Your Voice is full of insight and actionable ideas to better communicate to your organization.
  • Thanks to the critical thinking and inward reflection prompted by Brian's book, I am beginning to keep cause as the focal point of even my most menial daily tasks - reinvigorating me as a nonprofit worker and getting more people excited about volunteering in international relations.”
  • “Your book was extraordinary, challenging traditional and conventional strategic thinking.”
Brian Sooy
Brian Sooy
Principal and Design Director at Aespire

Hi, I'm Brian Sooy, the founder and design director of Aespire, a design and cause communications agency that empowers mission-driven leaders and organizations to engage their audiences, lead by design, and create a culture of communication.

More than a consultant, I serve on the board of a national nonprofit, and for over 30 years I've served as a director, an advisor to executive leadership, and a personal philanthropist to charities and meaningful causes.

I'm the author of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto, a top-rated nonprofit branding book that explores how purpose, character, and culture empower organizations to create narrative design and communicate mission, vision and values. Connect with me on Twitter at @briansooy or on LinkedIn.

I practice the principles that you'll find in these courses and online editions, and help organizations just like yours to apply them every day.

For bulk softcover purchases (US Buyers) visit the Aespire Bookstore. For licensing for groups, contact me at (440) 809-8970 or through Aespire.com.

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